Southern New Hampshire University Continues Its Tuition-Freeze Initiative After a Decade

IBL News | New York

Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) announced this week the extension through 2022 of its 10-year tuition freeze. As a result, online course-based programs offered at SNHU will keep online tuition at its 2011 rate.

“This is part of our commitment to make college more affordable and accessible for learners across the globe,” said Paul LeBlanc, University President and CEO, SNHU. “The global pandemic has created even more barriers for underserved learners worldwide, but our commitment to affordability has never wavered.”

The Manchester, New Hampshire – based private, nonprofit institution, with 150K learners, offers a tiered tuition rate of $15,000/year, and for select programs, $10,000/year. This pricing aligns with its online tuition rates, shown below.


Online Undergraduate Programs Per Credit Hour Per 3 Credit Course Annual Cost for 30 credits
Online Undergraduate Degrees/Certificates $320 $960 $9,600
Online Undergraduate Active Duty Military* $225 $675 $6,750
SNHU Manchester (teaching out) $320 $960 $9,600
SNHU Maine (teaching out)* $243 $729 $7,290
Cooperative Education $320 $960 $9,600
Non-Degree Seeking, Course Work Only $320 $960
Dual Enrollment for Nursing students in the Community College System of New Hampshire (prior to graduation)* $200 $600
Community College System of New Hampshire Nursing Graduates on or after May 2012* $260 $780
Additional Costs: Graduation Fee ($150), Books (course-by-course)
Most SNHU Bachelor’s degrees require 120 credit hours.

Most SNHU Associate degrees require 60 credit hours.


Online Graduate Programs Per Credit Hour Per 3 Credit Course Annual Cost for 15 credits
Online Graduate Degrees/Certificates $627 $1,881 $9,405
SNHU Maine (teaching out)* $375 $1,125 $5,625
Active Duty Military* $470 $1,410 $7,050
Additional Costs: $150 Graduation Fee, Course Materials ($ varies by course)
Most SNHU Master’s degrees require 30-45 credit hours.
Cohort-Based Programs Per Credit Hour Per 3 Credit Course Annual Cost for 30 credits
Master’s Degree* $400 $1,200 $12,000
Active Duty Military Master’s degree* $300 $900 $9,000


SNHU claimed that it is committed to helping students keep costs down and borrow smarter. In 2020 its Student Financial Services team helped more than 5,500 learners reduce their loans by more than $23 million by teaching the importance of smart borrowing habits.

The SNHU Online Bookstore has also saved learners more than $2 million by decreasing the cost of course materials, increasing the selection of e-books, and renegotiating prices with publishers while foregoing commissions.

Another initiative is its Global Education Movement (GEM), intended to put education in the hands of some of the most underserved people in the world, bringing U.S.-accredited degrees to refugee learners in Rwanda, Lebanon, Kenya, Malawi, and South Africa.