EdX Extends Its Free Catalog of 100 Selected Courses for Universities Until June 2021

IBL News | New York

edX.org announced this month the extension until June 2022 of its Online Campus Essentials initiative, a free solution for colleges and universities facing resource and technology constraints in the wake of the COVID-19 global health crisis.

This offering, part of the edX Online Campus product, follows edX’s vision of a global supply chain of content and credentials from universities.

Online Campus Essentials allows institutions to access for free a catalog of 100 hand-picked courses on technology, computer science, and business, taught by Harvard, MIT, Berkely, Georgia Tech, Columbia University, Oxford, TUDelft, IBM, and AWS, among other brands.

A survey from Cengage found that a majority of students show a positive attitude toward online and hybrid courses.

The edX organization — a non-profit organization created by Harvard University and MIT —  said that “online learning must be a key pillar of every university’s strategy, in order to support students with quality learning, increase education access, and drive successful outcomes.”

In over a year, edX Online Campus has attracted over 1,000 higher ed institutions, and 170,000 students enrolled in over 500,000 courses.