Udacity Develops an Introductory Course and Nanodegree on Machine Learning for Microsoft Azure

IBL News | New York

Udacity announced this week a new Machine Learning Scholarship Program for Microsoft Azure.

The scholarship begins with a two-month-long course, focused on completing prerequisites for the full Nanodegree program.

A distinctive feature of this course, titled Introduction to machine learning on Azure with a Low-code Experience, is Azure Labs, in which students work with live Azure environments directly within the Udacity classroom.

Learners aiming to earn one of up to 10,000 free spots are able to apply until June 30.

The 300 top performers who successfully complete the introductory course will be selected for a scholarship to earn a four-month Nanodegree credential.

The amount invested by Microsoft on this Udacity program to help train developers on its cloud infrastructure was not disclosed.