MOOCs Are Going to K12

We will soon see how MOOCs become part of high school and K12 education as a whole. has launched this interesting audio report:


We recently mentioned the start of the edX High-School initiative (IBL Studios is producing two video MOOCs for Cooper Union). It was one of the first signals that MOOCs are not just geared toward college students and adult learners anymore.

  • Consider MOOCs as a supplement for kids who are motivated or don’t have access to quality education.
  • Think how useful MOOCs can be to figure out what our kids want to study in college.
  • Realize that lot of high schools cannot afford a rich set of AP courses in subjects like physics, chemistry and other sciences. At edX, many courses are taught by top professors from MIT and Berkeley.
  • Include completed MOOCs in the extracurriculars’ section on college or job applications (this might have a huge impact in the result).
  • Courses developed by subject experts from grade 1 to grade 12 will benefit thousand of schools nationwide.