IMS Global Rebrands As 1EdTech Consortium

IBL News | New York

IMS Global Learning Consortium announced its new name and logo this week: 1EdTech Consortium. The certification logo will change as well as becoming 1EdTech Certified.

This Lake Mary, Florida-based, 20 years-old nonprofit organization provides open standards, such as LTI, assessment, data, and digital credentials for shaping open EdTech ecosystems. It includes 740 member organizations, including K-12 school districts, state departments of education, higher ed institutions, government-led initiatives, and EdTech providers.

According to a news announcement, the rebranding “is meant to reflect a collaboration united in enabling an open, innovative and trusted tech ecosystem across K-12, higher education and corporate learning, that lifts the potential in every learner.”

Rob Abel, CEO of 1EdTech, said that “our new, refreshed, and modernized logo is part of this change.”

He added: “We work collaboratively on the common foundations for an open, innovative, and trusted educational technology ecosystem bolstered by what amounts to an unparalleled joint investment in technical work that lifts the entire sector.”

Updating the branding and logo won’t be immediate. Website, social media channels, and meetings and events will reflect the transition along the way.

However, the IMS logo won’t go away. “The brand will remain associated with our standards for many years to come (also, we have no intention of republishing hundreds of thousands of pages of technical work),” said the organization.

The new website address is, but will remain active until the move of resources to our new site takes effect.