An AI-Created Politician Draws the Attention as Deep Learning Technology Expands

IBL News | New York

How far can AI teachers realistically go?

Take a look at one of the latest Silicon Valley initiatives. San Mateo, California–based DeepBrain start-up showed AI capabilities by rendering a presidential candidate. In Seoul, South Korea, an AI-created model, an avatar of a politician — candidate Al Yoon Suk-yeol — draws the attention of the crowds on a big screen.

DeepBrain AI’s human model was the result of hundreds of hours of recorded video used to learn the person’s voice, accent, and gestures. Once the AI Human was trained, the provided script was pronounced as the actual person.

AI speech synthesis, video synthesis, and natural language processing technology result in time and cost reduction as there is no need to record a real persona every time video content is made.

DeepTrain AI said that “even depending on how it is taught, real-time communication with people is also possible.”

Various industries are seeing AI humans increase.

— In broadcasting, AI anchors and announcers can conduct news.

— In retail, last August, a 7-Eleven convenience store displayed an AI human answering questions about promotions, events, and nearing information.

— In the financial industry, AI bankers are already active. KB Bank has introduced kiosks where AI bankers appear on screens in offline branches. They only work on basic operations for now.

— In education, Kyowon, in October, launched a digital education platform called ‘AiCANDO’, where ‘AI Tutor’ appeared.

In addition, the AI Human of popular YouTuber Dottie appears to help with learning.

DeepBrain AI, specializing in deep learning-based video synthesis and voice synthesis source technology, claims its technology can be implemented as an AI announcer, AI anchor, AI banker, AI tutor, AI show host, AI kiosk, AI video consultation, AI concierge, AI doctor, and AI lawyer.