About Half of the US Says that More Training Doesn’t Result in a Better Job

IBL News | New York

Half of Americans (52%) don’t believe a good job is within their reach, a 46% say that the hiring and advancement system isn’t fair. Similar shares of Americans cited a lack of employer support for training.

These are the main findings of a national survey of 21,000 people conducted by Strada Education Network and Public Viewpoint about the impact of the pandemic in the U.S.

Another relevant conclusion points to the fact that a quarter of Americans without a college degree said more education and training would make no difference in their ability to get a good job or advance in their career.

“Americans’ skepticism about their ability to advance professionally is deeply concerning,” said Dr. Dave Clayton, Senior Vice President at Strada’s Center for Education Consumer Insights. “People need a clearer understanding of how education can lead to a good job for them.”

Among Americans considering an education in the next six months, 44% prefer work-based learning, nontraditional online training programs, or employer training over college programs.