Ukraine Introduced an AI Avatar For the Role of Foreign Ministry Spokesperson

IBL News | New York

The Foreign Ministry of Ukraine unveiled this week an AI-generated spokesperson who will read official statements.

Dressed in a dark suit, this digital person introduced herself on social media sites as Victoria Shi.

The figure moved her head as she spoke while gesticulating with her hands.

Her appearance and voice were modeled on a singer and former contestant on Ukraine’s version of the reality show The Bachelor.

The statements were written by real people.

Dmytro Kuleba, the Ukrainian foreign minister, said that the main reason for creating her was “saving time and resources for diplomats.”

Shi’s creators are a team called the Game Changers, who have also made virtual-reality content related to the war in Ukraine.

To avoid fakes, the statements will be accompanied by a QR code linking them to text versions on the ministry’s website.