U-M Launches a Program of Courses Focusing on Current Topics, Including Obamacare

The University of Michigan (U-M) announced a Teach-Out series of one-to-four hour, free courses on the edX platform addressing current relevant national and global topics intended to encourage public discourse. Each of the four offerings will begin on a Friday and run through Sunday.

The topics selected for the first four editions are:

Democratic to Authoritarian Rule (March 31)
Fake News, Facts and Alternative Facts (April 21)
Reach Out and RELATE: Communicating and Understanding Scientific Research (May 5)
The Future of Obamacare – Repeal, Repair or Replace? (May 12)

The idea of the “teach-out” courses was conceived in 1965, in the midst of nationwide protests against the Vietnam War, when faculty led an informal lecture series that brought together experts, students and community members to discuss political issues of the day.