Standard Quizzes Got Enhanced on the edX Platform

edX has launched some enhancements for standard quizzes (or problems) on courses hosted at These are the enhancements:

  • The “Check” and “Final Check” buttons have been consolidated, and relabeled “Submit“.
  • Secondary actions (e.g., hint, save, reset, show answer) are visually separated from Submit in order to allow learners to have the opportunity to take advantage of them before submitting their answers.
  • When a learner chooses to show a hint for a problem, every hint shown now remains visible above the Submit button. This change has the result of aggregating hints for a cumulative effect.
  • Feedback (Correct/Incorrect) now display in a banner at the bottom of the problem.
  • Practice problems (that is, problems within ungraded subsections) are now identified by a message that appears immediately below the problem display name.