edX Joins the Open Source Initiative (OSI) as an Affiliate Member

edX has highlighted its commitment to the open source community and movement by joining as an affiliate member the “Open Source Initiative” (OSI), a recognized organization for reviewing and approving licenses as Open Source Definition (OSD)-conformant.

Last year the OSI extended its Affiliate Member program to include institutions of higher education, recognizing the growing engagement with open source on campuses.

“EdX, as both an open source project and an educational initiative, serves as a model for higher education where a commitment to not only open source licensing but also an open source ethos fosters ‘a thriving worldwide community of educators and technologists who share innovative solutions to benefit students everywhere,’” said Patrick Masson, OSI General Manager referring to the Open edX mission.

“At edX, we’ve always had a deep commitment to open source. We cemented that commitment in 2013 when we first released the platform under the AGPL license in collaboration with Stanford University,” said Joel Barciauskas, Engineering Manager at Open edX.