Sal Khan Demoed Khanmigo AI Tutor Described As “A Teacher’s Aide on Steroids” [Video]

IBL News | New York

Khan Academy’s Founder & CEO Sal Khan demoed its Khanmigo AI tutor during the 2023 ASU+GSV Summit, held in San Diego on April 17–19.

Powered with OpenAI’s GPT-4, this classroom assistant was described by Sal Khan “as a teacher’s aide on steroids that will unlock a whole new dimension of learning that was science fiction a few months ago.” 

The American nonprofit educational organization Khan Academy started using Khanmigo as a personalized learning tool a few weeks ago. It spent over six months of prompt-engineering with the help of pedagogical experts.

During its talk, Khan said, “Kids are going to cheat, and if someone doesn’t put guardrails around it, it won’t capture the benefits, and that was our framework around Khanmigo.”

“We’ve already started using AI not just to help the teachers with lesson plans and to help the students but to help communication between the parents and teachers and students. The future is where the teacher talks to AI and says, ‘What are the kids up to?’ And the AI says, ‘Three kids finished that assignment and three kids haven’t, and I helped Billy with binomials, and a couple of students are having trouble so let’s put a rubric together.”

Also, Sal Khan gave a recent TED talk, with a similar demo. The founder of Khan Academy highlighted that “We’re at the cusp of using AI for probably the biggest positive transformation that education has ever seen.”