A Spanish University Builds a Futuristic Eco-Campus with Outside Classrooms

IBL News | Madrid, Spain

The University of Malaga, in Spain, is building a futuristic eco-campus for students to take classes outside.

Spanning a surface area of 52 acres, this innovative campus will include a green infrastructure suitable for everyday activities, such as studying, meeting and reading. The goal is to improve the climatic comfort and connectivity within an educational setting.

A Madrid-based architectural firm called Ecosistema Urbano is designing this interactive infrastructure after winning in 2016 a public contract to transform an old campus into an environmentally-friendly and digitally connected space.

It will be a geological garden in the works, a tropical garden, and a digital water curtain.

By using high-tech capabilities, learners will be able to visualize real-time information and manipulate physical aspects of public space in an almost futuristic fashion, as shown in the picture below.

Outdoor comfort will improve through solar-powered climate conditioning systems such as evaporative cooling and geothermal air circulation.

Naturally, everything will run on renewable energy systems.