Open edX's Dogwood Will Finally Be Released Next Week

Dogwood, the latest Open edX version, will be released this coming week, according to edX.

Dogwood RC3 has been available since January 22. Since then edX engineers have been mostly working on migration scripts.

Dogwood’s new features include XBlocks such as Oppia, Office Mix and LTI.

This LTI XBlock will replace the existing LTI XModule and will offer course teams the ability to configure the way LTI components open when learners use them: in a modal window, in a separate web browser window, or embedded in a course page.

Another interesting feature is Partial Credit. In Studio, course teams will be able to configure four problem types (checkbox, multiple choice, numerical input and write-your-own-grader) so learners can receive partial credit for a problem if they submit an answer that is partly correct.

The edX Release Notes contain a summary of changes that are deployed. Those changes are part of the master branch of the edX platform in GitHub.

A major characteristic of this Dogwood version was the upgrade from Django 1.4 to Django 1.8.7.