Modern States Non Profit Pays for the CLEP Exam Fee, Allowing for Free College Credit

The New York-based non-profit organization Modern States Education Alliance extended until December 2016 the possibility to earn free college credit without even paying the $100 of test and scheduling fees of taking the College Board’s CLEP exam. This is part of the Pilot Program of the “Freshman Year for Free” initiative, which is based on creating a public library of high-quality CLEP and AP courses.

These courses, produced by edX university partners and IBL Open edX and taught by top professors from around the country, are open to anyone through, Modern States’ website and Open edX learning platform. The program is explained in detailed on the “Passing the CLEP and Learning with Modern States” orientation course.

The Founder and CEO of Modern States, Steve Klinsky, said on an article written in that “as President-elect Trump reviews policy ideas to help poor and working class citizens and to ‘make America great again’, there is one education idea that is both exceptionally simple to implement and exceptionally valuable: namely, create a national digital public library of online college courses, available to everyone on a tuition free basis.”