Imperial College Joins edX and Offers a Series of MOOCs to Attract Applicants into its MBA


Imperial College Business School launched this month through a first series of MOOCs as a free taster of its MBA degree.

These free courses are offered as a part of a new agreement between Imperial College and the edX organization, that currently hosts over 100 top universities and educational organizations, with an overall audience of more than 8 million learners.

The four-part Essentials for MBA Success series will cover math, finance, data analysis and accounting and start on October 17. This online program, now open for enrollment, has been designed to both help learners already enrolled in MBA programs to identify any additional knowledge and attract people who are considering doing an MBA degree at Imperial College.

  • Dr David Lefevre, Director of the Edtech Lab at Imperial College Business School said: “As an active participant in the use of edtech and online programs, Imperial College Business School keenly recognizes the growing need for flexible learning programs that cater for people’s busy lifestyles. MBA programs, and business education generally, can change lives and through the edX partnership we are enabling more people from all over the world to access our renowned world leading expertise in business education.”
  • “Each course features academic experts from the Business School and combines an active, social approach to learning with extensive multimedia. The courses also feature a personalized learning plan highlighting the areas that students need to focus on to acquire the base level of knowledge needed to undertake the core subjects on an MBA,” explained Imperial College on its website.
  • The courses are designed to provide a flexible learning experience. Students can study the courses in the order they choose, fitting them around their work and other life commitments. Each course will feature a mixture of academic theory and the ‘real world’ skills needed for business. The subjects are brought to life through interactive exercises and video content. Students also benefit from an expert online tutor to support them through the learning materials and associated activities. The courses also foster a learning community and encourage students to connect with other peers studying the same subjects online.


These are the four courses: