Fast Company Selects the Most Innovative Educational Companies

IBL News | New York

The most innovative companies in education are trying to supplement traditional schooling and democratize access to education, especially when the COVID-19 pandemic blasted online education and exposed its many challenges.

Following these criteria, Fast Company magazine chooses the ten most innovative corporations in education, analyzing everything from online classes and digital textbooks to AI tutors.

Among the transformers, Fast Company selects Duolingo and Coursera, which are expanding their reach into new markets.

Others are offering a new spin on music education (like the app Trala), monetization on course creation (Maven), or enhancing early childhood education (Lovery and A Kids Company About).

Here is the complete list, along with a brief explanation elaborated by Fast Company:

  1. MavenFor empowering creators to monetize their expertise as courses
  2. DuolingoFor translating its language-learning app to test English proficiency
  3. CourseraFor helping Indian businesses and universities invest in online learning
  4. PearsonFor making textbooks more affordable—and less biased
  5. TralaFor adding rosin to the bow of online music instruction
  6. LoveveryFor creating low-tech toys to support early childhood development
  7. A Kids Company AboutFor building a topical kids’ multimedia brand
  8. SketchyFor taking the pain out of test prep
  9. RiiidFor turbocharging tutoring with AI
  10. PowerSchoolFor supporting school districts as they reopened

Fast Company: The World’s Most Innovative Companies of 2022