edX MicroMasters Will Expand to Fill Post-College Gap

edX plans to expand its MicroMasters program until covering most subjects in order to fill the skills’ gap post-college, Anant Agarwal, CEO at edX, said in an interview at The Huffington Post.

“It is predicted that 50 percent of current jobs will disappear by 2030. Different new jobs and even fields are surfacing. Recent college graduates as well as current workers are already looking for quality courses and certification programs in order to learn aspects of data science, augmenting their familiarity with and use of data, as well as content in many other fields,” explained.

edX has 40 different MicroMasters already, tailored to hybrid jobs where soft skills are needed in combination with technical competencies. These programs are provided by 130 institutional partners – a combination of enterprise and academic.

“In coordinating with major organizations such as IBM, Google, Accenture, we also received their endorsement for specific programs. This validation is important for course participants to be assured that the credential will be recognized by current or future employers.”