Workplace Learning Trends Show that Training Takes on a New Urgency

IBL News | New York

The workforce upskilled increased to 38% in 2020 from 14% in 2019, according to Udemy’s 2021 Workplace Learning Trends Report. [PDF download].

This uptick was driven by a growing number of organizations recognizing their need to fill the skills gap.

“The learning behaviors of thousands of international businesses on the Udemy for Business platform and a survey of over 500 global professionals offer a glimpse of the bright future that lies ahead,” wrote Shelley Osborne, VP of Learning at Udemy.

Regarding the learning top six trends, Udemy noted the following:

  • Amidst uncertainty, self-mastery is a valued skill
  • Remote work makes collaboration a priority
  • Data literacy is the new computer literacy. Workforces with strong data skills across all departments in an organization will benefit the most.
  • Automation skills let data scientists focus on strategy
  • Farewell silos, hello hybrid tech roles
  • Cybersecurity training takes on a new urgency

Udemy explained that an “organization’s success greatly depends on more upskilling and a strong culture of lifelong learning.”