Visa Launches a Certification Program to Train Payment Card Disputes Professionals

IBL News | New York

Visa Inc. (NYSE: V) plans to launch a new certification program and fund up to 500 scholarships on dispute resolution – an area in high demand across the payments ecosystem.

Visa’s new certification program is designed to train individuals as dispute resolution professionals, a role that is currently in high demand across the financial and payment processors industry.

Intended to train individuals to manage payment card disputes, the program will include multiple days of training and several professional-level certification exams.

Details for how to apply for the scholarship will be disclosed in early 2020.

Visa is one of the 350 companies and organizations that signed the White House Pledge to America’s Workers—a promise to expand programs that are designed to educate, train and reskill more than 14.3 million students and workers.

Over the next five years, Visa has pledged to help create enhanced career opportunities for 14,500 individuals, including through increased apprenticeships and work-based learning programs, continuing education, on-the-job training and reskilling.

“At Visa, we are working to help strengthen the pipeline of qualified workers,” said Visa Chairman and CEO Al Kelly.

Certificate programs offer an alternative to a traditional degree, giving candidates the opportunity to develop the skills and experiences needed in a shorter period of time and for less cost. A Georgetown University study found that those who hold certificates receive a 20% wage premium over those who do not.