University of Florida Professor Facing Blame in a Student’s Suicide Is Put on Leave

IBL News | New York

A tragic story that exposes the ugly underbelly of Academia.

Huixiang Chen, an international student from China and Ph.D. candidate, committed suicide on June 13, 2019 [In the picture above].

Amid a lengthy investigation, the University of Florida has put the professor of computer engineering Tao Li on leave.

Friends of student Huixiang Chen said that Professor Li pressured, threatened, and mistreated him, Inside of Higher Education reported.

In the suspension letter to Li, the Department Chair, John G. Harris, prohibited him from engaging in “any activity that involves any aspect of your position, including business travel, consultation with faculty, staff or students.” The letter also commands Tao Li to cooperate with all ongoing investigations or be terminated immediately.

“I feel my mentor has no academic integrity,” Chen—in the picture—wrote prior to his death.

Many graduate students complain that their advisers and mentors have so much power and treat them unprofessionally.