Uncensored and Unmoderated Chatbots Are Widely Adopted

IBL News | New York

A new wave of uncensored and unmoderated chatbots is coming online without many ethical guardrails against misinformation, false and hate content, and pornography, The New York Times described in an article.

Names like GPT4All, FreedomGPT, and WizardLM-Uncensored were created for little or no money by independent programmers or teams of volunteers.

Users can download an unrestricted chatbot on their own computers, and train it on private messages, personal emails, or secret documents without risking a privacy breach.

Volunteer programmers can develop clever new add-ons, moving faster than large companies.

Dozens of independent and open-source A.I. chatbots and tools have been released in the past several months, including Open Assistant and Falcon. HuggingFace, a large repository of open-source A.I.s, hosts more than 240,000 open-source models.

Released in April and widely adopted today, Open Assistant was developed with help from 13,500 volunteers, using existing language models, including one model that Meta first released.