Udacity Issues a Two-Month Free Course on AWS Machine Learning Foundation

IBL News | New York

Udacity announced last week the launch of a new version of its AWS Machine Learning Foundations course with AWS (Amazon Web Services). It’s two months, free course for beginners with little to no experience in the area. The class is taught by two AWS engineers.

In addition, 425 students who successfully complete the course will be selected to receive a full scholarship for the entire AWS Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree program.

“The goal for this program is to remove barriers to skills training in machine learning, and to cultivate the next generation of Machine Learning (ML) leaders from underrepresented backgrounds, including Women, Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and People of Color,” said LaDavia Drane, Global Head of Inclusion, Diversity & Equity at AWS.

According to the World Economic Forum, by 2025, 97 million new roles in Machine learning may emerge.

Launched in 2019, The AWS Machine Learning Foundations course has been updated with several new modules, including an introduction to Reinforcement Learning (RL) with AWS DeepRacer, generative AI with AWS DeepComposer, and computer vision with AWS DeepLens. Students will also have the opportunity to further advance skills with the AWS DeepRacer League.

In addition, the AWS Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree, one of Udacity’s most popular courses, includes updated content covering advanced machine learning techniques and algorithms, and expert-led tutorials on how to quickly build, train, and deploy ML models in the cloud and at the edge with Amazon SageMaker, a fully managed ML service for data scientists and developers.