UBx, University at Buffalo’s Continuing Education Open edX-Based Platform, Expands with New Courses

Marie I. Rose | IBL News (Purchase, NY)

UBx, University at Buffalo’s learning platform for continuing and professional education, plans to issue seven new courses this year, after the recent launch of the “Empowering Yourself in a Post-Truth World” and “Introduction to ArcGIS Pro” classes. These courses, now in development, will cover areas such as Jupyter Notebooks, Writing College Essays, Faculty Development, and Robot Safety.

UBx is one of the first nationwide Open edX-based platforms on professional development at the university level. “We use this LMS for online learning where departments are able to generate and keep most of the revenue,”  explained Jay Stockslader, Director of Continuing Education at the College of Arts and Sciences at the University at Buffalo [in the picture above].

Jay Stockslader, with years in experience in continuing ed, presented its initiative last Thursday at SUNY’s CIT2019 conference throughout a talk titled “Emerging Technologies and Digital Strategies”.

The platform, integrated with the University at Buffalo’s payment portal, has been conceived for non-credit bearing courses, although some scholars at the SUNY system are considering using it as a testing ground for future credit classes.