The U.S. Air Force Partners with Udacity to Develop Programs on Data Science, Cloud, Programming, and UX

IBL News | New York

USAF (U.S. Air Force) partnered with Udacity to develop job-ready instructional content, according to the learning platform.

Udacity crafted an educational program focused on data science, cloud, programming, and UX.

According to the company, this program “fits into the Air Force context” and helps “the airmen and women connect their career goals with USAF’s needs.”

With a force of 689,000 personnel, the U.S. Air Force (USAF) seeks “to radically transform and create job-ready digital talent across its entire organization.”

The USAF admitted that “boot camps and other in-person training methods could not update fast enough to keep pace with emerging technologies, nor could they accommodate for the constant redeployment of its personnel.”

The partnership of USAF’s Digital U with Udacity is resulting, according to both organizations, in “increased productivity and decreased costs: 118% measurable ROI for every dollar invested in creating digital talent.”

No further details were provided regarding this program.