Georgetown University Launches a New Master’s in Strategic Digital Transformation

IBL News | New York

Georgetown University announced a Master in Strategic Digital Transformation,
intended for working professionals, and scheduled to launch in Fall 2022. “It is one of the few master’s degrees in the U.S. that focuses on business innovation, organizational change, and digital transformation,” said Dean Kelly Otter.

This 33 credits degree, priced at $48,939, will be delivered by Georgetown University’s School of Continuing Studies (SCS). Students will be able to enroll on either a part-time or full-time basis and will have options online, on-campus, or hybrid.

“The program will instruct students on business strategy development, transformation, and decision-making,” according to the institution. “It will empower students with the knowledge and tools needed to be agents of change in their organizations, or to build exciting new ventures,” stated Kelly Otter.

The courses will employ executives from Afiniti, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Telos, and Google as adjunct professors.

Google will provide subject matter experts in cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI), and arrange training and education on using Google-developed AI tools and cloud services. Students will be able to enroll on either a part-time or full-time basis, with options to take classes online, on-campus, or hybrid..