The New Skillsoft and Global Knowledge Merged Company Starts in the NYSE

IBL News | New York

The new Skillsoft Corp will be listed on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange), with the ticker “SKIL“, this Monday, June 14.

This company is the result of the purchase of the IT skills development firm Global Knowledge by Skillsoft and Churchill Capital Corp II (NYSE: CCX) — a special purpose acquisition company — for $1.5 billion.

The completion of the transaction was announced yesterday in a press statement.

The new Skillsoft’s client base will include about 70% of Fortune 1000 companies, with 45 million users.

“We bring the newly combined Skillsoft and Global Knowledge to public markets as a leader in the dynamic and growing global digital learning industry,” said Jeffrey R. Tarr, Skillsoft’s Chief Executive Officer.

“At a time when companies around the world are rapidly transforming to keep pace with a changing world, we are well-positioned to deliver personalized, high-quality learning experiences that will help close the global skills gap and build workforces that are future-fit, skilled, and ready for the jobs of tomorrow.”

“We are excited to create one of the fastest-growing and most profitable companies in the digital learning space; the new Skillsoft is well-positioned to drive growth, profitability, and create exceptional shareholder value,” said Michael S. Klein, Chairman and CEO of Churchill II.

[Disclosure: IBL News’ parent company has a client as client Global Knowledge / Skillsoft]