The Linux Foundation Attracts Intel and Other Industry Leaders to Building Open AI Tools

IBL News | New York

The Linux Foundation (LF) — a nonprofit organization that supports open-source initiatives — announced last month the launch of the Open Platform for Enterprise AI (OPEA), a project to foster the development of open-source, multi-provider, and composable, and modular generative AI systems.

In this initiative, industry leaders like Intel, Hugging Face, Cloudera, Datstax,  Red Hat, SAS, Yellowbrick Data, Domino Data Lab, MariaDB, and VMware, among others, participate.

“On this foundation, enterprises can accelerate containerized AI integration and delivery, as well as new unique vertical use cases,” said Ibrahim Haddad, Executive Director at LF AI & Data.

OPEA intends to address the issue of the fragmentation of tools, techniques, and solutions in generative AI by collaborating with the industry to standardize components.

“Intel is at the forefront of incubating open source development to build trusted, scalable open infrastructure that enables heterogeneity and provides a platform for developer innovation,” added Melissa Evers, Vice President of Software Engineering Group and General Manager of Strategy to Execution, Intel.

OPEA plans to address critical pain points of RAG adoption. Most generative AI models’ answers and actions are limited to the data on which they’re trained. However, with RAG, a model’s knowledge base can be extended to info outside the original training data.