Synthesia Launches Avatars with Facial Expressions and Body Language

IBL News | New York

AI video startup Synthesia announced Expressive Avatars, powered by its EXPRESS-1 model for realistic avatar performance, with an improved tone of voice, body language, and lip sync, “like a real actor would,” the company said.

“We’re introducing digital actors. Our technology brings a level of sophistication and realism to digital avatars that blur the line between the virtual and the real,” Synthesia explained.

The EXPRESS-1 model understands the context of whether the conversation is cheerful or somber, and avatars adjust their performance accordingly, displaying a level of empathy and understanding that was once the sole domain of human actors.

According to the company, 200,000 people have used Synthesia’s 225 avatars to create over 18 million video presentations and published them in over 130 languages.