The Former edX Discloses Its New Name: The Center for Reimagining Learning, Inc.

IBL News | New York

The former edX Inc. organization, which now stewards the Open edX software, has adopted as an interim name The Center for Reimagining Learning, Inc.

This surviving nonprofit organization, still led by MIT and Harvard University, will announce a permanent name in the future, as a blog post the Open edX website announced this week.

The Center for Reimagining Learning, Inc. is a Delaware corporation.

The edX brand, along with the edX Inc. organization, was acquired by the for-profit, publicly traded, and global education company 2U, Inc. last June for $800 million. The transaction was completed on November 16, 2021.

Along with the name, the new organization issued a new Open edX Contributor License Agreement (CLA), “changing where the source code is contributed and the agreement from a grant of ownership to a grant of license.”

The Center for Reimagining Learning, Inc., governed by a board of trustees appointed by Harvard and MIT, said that “it expects to pursue its original mission through research and thought leadership activities that improve the accessibility and viability of online education and advance technical innovations for teaching and learning including via ongoing support for the Open edX open-source platform.”

In terms of the code, the public repositories that encompass the Open edX platform have been moved from the edX GitHub organization to the Open edX organization.