Stability AI Launches a Model For Music and Sound Generation

IBL News | New York

Stability AI announced the launch of Stable Audio, a model that uses generative AI techniques to deliver music and sound effects via a web interface, this week.

Audio tracks, songs, and sound effects, at high-quality 44.1 kHz, are generated by the user by writing a text with a descriptive prompt and the desired length of audio.

The underlying model was trained using music and metadata from AudioSparx, a leading music library. It was trained on 800,000+ tracks and effects.

For instance, “Post-Rock, Guitars, Drum Kit, Bass, Strings, Euphoric, Up-Lifting, Moody, Flowing, Raw, Epic, Sentimental, 125 BPM” can be entered with a request for a 95-second track, and it would deliver this track:

The company provided more samples of generated tracks on its announcement page.

Stable Audio’s free version offers to create and download tracks of up to 45 seconds, while the ‘Pro’ subscription – at $12 per month — delivers 90-second tracks that are downloadable for commercial projects.  Users can try the model at

According to Techcrunch, in the Stable Audio terms of service agreement, customers agree to indemnify Stability in the event intellectual property claims are made against songs created with Stable Audio.

This London–based company has raised $125 million and achieved a valuation of  $1 billion.