‘Slack AI’ Will Summarize Users’ Long Threads and List the Next Steps to Take

IBL News | New York

Slack will introduce this winter its AI tool which will instantly generate highlights and summaries of the conversations. These new generative AI capabilities were announced by the parent company, Salesforce, this month.

AI-generated summaries will also list the next steps users can take based on concerns, comments, and suggestions posted by people in the conversation.

In addition, Slack AI will produce elaborate answers when people search for information on the platform.

At the moment, searching on Slack can only bring up messages, files, and channels with the keyword.

Users will be able to integrate their AI language model of choice, using partner-built apps from OpenAI’s ChatGPT or Anthropic’s Claude.

Only 27% of companies are currently using AI tools, according to the latest State of Work research.