Seven Online Learning Trends and Areas of Growth for this Decade

IBL News | New York

The online learning market will grow from over $200 billion today to $388 billion in 2026, according to researchers. This unprecedented increase will open the door to many possibilities.

Looking at the trends for 2022, players might detect growth areas. The Open edX organization and Edly have pointed out some of them in a blog post.

  1. Personalization of learning paths and adaptive learning using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, including AI tutors (or voice-enabled bots)
  2. Immersive learning on artificially generated spaces using Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Extended Reality (XR) devices
  3. Gamified learning experiences (or Gamification) as a way to boost engagement and retention
  4. Big data analytics to better understand learners’ behaviors and needs
  5. Micro-learning by exposing corporate learners with bite-size and media-rich content. It follows the fact that on average an employee spends 24 minutes per week on professional learning
  6. Video-based learning as a majority of learners (69% according to a survey) prefers watching demos, tutorials, video lectures, and other kinds of video content over textbooks or manuals
  7. Social learning as a way to learn from others through observation and interaction, including collaborative and teamwork assignments