Opera Adds Prompts, ChatGPT, and ChatSonic, While Brave Introduces a Summarization Feature

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The Opera and Opera GX desktop browsers released a suite of new features, as early access: AI Prompts, sidebar access to ChatGPT, and ChatSonic. Opera follows companies like Microsoft’s Bing, which added GPT-4 into its Edge browser in February.

Opera’s AI Prompts allow users to generate prompts by highlighting text on a website or typing it in.

Some of the prompts include:

  • Explore
  • Explain briefly
  • Explain this article
  • ELI5 (explain like I’m 5)
  • Shorten
  • Show me more relevant content
  • Create a tweet
  • Tweet this website like…
  • What’s the main point
  • Write a haiku
  • Make a joke

Opera is integrating the ChatGPT and ChatSonic chatbots into its browsers’ sidebar. ChatSonic can also create images from text inputs.

The company, owned by a Chinese consortium, said that it plans to announce more AI-powered features in the future that would run on its own GPT-based model.

Recently another browser, Brave, introduced an AI summarization feature, powered by its own LLMs instead of OpenAI’s GPT, using a mix of three models: a question-answering model to get answers from text across pages, a classifier to weed out hate speech and spam, and a model that rewrites the sentences to present a concise result.

In addition, Brave Search also highlights relevant sentences in listed results as news articles. Previously, it just highlighted search keywords from the page description.

Like other offerings, Brave Search offers citations and links.

The company said that its LLM is trained to fight “unsubstantiated assertions,” referring to AI chat of other search engines like Bing.

“Given the current advancements in AI, it’s crucial to remind users that one should not believe everything an AI system produces, in much the same way one should not believe everything that is published on the Web. At the risk of stating the obvious, we should not suspend critical thinking for anything we consume, no matter how impressive the results of AI models can be,” the company said.

Other smaller players in the space, like Neeva and You.com, have also announced AI-aided search features.

Brave Search displayed on monitor