An AI Chatbot Allows to Message Historical and Fictional Characters

IBL News | New York

A new GPT-3.5 turbo–powered app called Superchat allows users to chat with historical, fictional characters like Shakespeare, Einstein, or Cleopatra, and experts and representatives from different professions, like lawyers, chefs, or therapists.

The company, Gorilla Technologies, has also created its own characters, like an assistant named Aria. The artwork for the characters was created using Midjourney.

This chatbot can aid users with everyday tasks, like email writing or marketing expertise.

“The goal is to make AI technology accessible to everyone, not just people who know how to write great prompts,” explained Gorilla Technologies CEO Guglielmo Faglioni. “This app will be a great tool for kids who want to learn more about historical figures by chatting to cool characters like Shakespeare.”

The app is structured like a messaging app, allowing users to have multiple conversations with different AI chatbots at the same time.

A number of the characters are available for free with the app download, while others can be unlocked through a premium subscription of $70/year.

Like Superchat, other apps hoping to cash in the hype around AI chatbots are Quora’s Poe, where users can now make their own bots using prompts, the Korean Typecast, or the Israeli D-ID.