“Open-Source AI Is Taking Over the World,” Says a Key Guide

IBL News | New York

“Open-source AI represents the future of privacy and ownership of data.” This is the main conclusion of the 2023 State of Open Source AI Book.

Another key finding is that “open-source AI is taking over the world.”

In the last year, the open-source community has demonstrated its motivation by delivering quality products and creating different innovations in different fields.

“This is just the beginning. Many improvements in multiple directions must be made in order to compare the results with centralized solutions,” says the report.

Experts say that, as it happened with Linux, the world-class operating system, open source will dominate the future of LLMs and image models. Even Google acknowledged that they have no moat in this new world of open source AI.

The consensus is that open source models are incredibly good at the most valuable tasks, as they can be fine-tuned to cover likely up to 99% of use cases when a product has collected enough labeled data.