Open edX Reorganizes Its Collaboration Tools on the Software Roadmap

IBL News | New York

The Open edX organization, now called The Center for Reimagining Learning (tCRIL), reorganized the spaces and tools for developers to interact with the software of the platform. The idea is to provide more transparency and facilitate engagement with Open edX product managers across the ecosystem.

  • The Open edX Roadmap captures and documents all the contributions to the platform. Now, it includes all the contributions that will be shipped in the Nutmeg release — the last version of the Open edX platform — in June. An issue template on Github, along with a how-to guide and a FAQ page, allows developers to submit their contributions to the roadmap.

The Product Working Group will meet for the first time at the Open edX conference in Lisbon on April 26-29, agree on a manifesto, and discuss goals and focus projects for the next three months.