Noodle’s Latest Acquisition of HotChalk Will Increase Its Marketing Capabilities

IBL News | New York

Noodle OPM provider continues its growth by acquisition of competitors. Its last purchase was this month HotChalk—another OPM who had a partnership with NYU Steinhardt School and was providing programs to Concordia University Nebraska and Chicago.

HotChalk also owned a leading higher education marketing agency Creative Communication Associates (CCA)HotChalk CEO, Rob Wrubel, joined Noodle as CMO (Chief Marketing Officer).

The acquisition amount was not disclosed. One of the owners, German giant Bertelsmann invested $230 million in 2015 for a minority stake. At that time, HotChalk’s valuation was between $600 and $800 million.

The New York City-based company Noodle–founded and led by John Katzman–offers in-house marketing and recruitment services for universities, along with learning design, technology, student and faculty support, and remote clinical placement services.

Noodle claims that it has launched as many online degree programs with elite U.S. universities as all other competitors combined for the past two years–most notably publicity traded 2U Inc, which John Katzman himself [in the picture] created in 2008.

Last June, Noodle raised another $16 million, for a total of about $60 million since 2015.