Moodle Reports 165,000 Using Its Software, and Announces Improvements on Usability

IBL News | New York

Moodle has reported that there are over 165,000 learning websites around the world built using its open-source software. The platform was launched 18 years ago.

Sander, the Manager of the Product team at Moodle HQ, explained in a blog-post interview that “Moodle is now a leader in privacy compliance for open source projects and even amongst other commercial competitors”.

In her view, beyond compliance, improvements on the code also extend into the look and feel, accessibility, LTI implementation, and standards, such as Open Badges.

Moodle HQ teams are preparing the next product release, Moodle 4.0, scheduled for November 2021. It will include the enhancement of overall student and teacher experience.

In addition, engineers in Australia headquarters are working on Moodle Workplace, the corporate version of the platform launched in 2019. The upcoming release will add a multi-tenancy feature.

Currently, Moodle offers three MOOCs with certificates: Learn Moodle 3.9 Basic, Moodle Teaching Basic, and Moodle Admin Basics.