An MIT Professors Produces an AP Course Aiming to Help Everyone to Understand Economics

An MIT professor of Economics, Jonathan Gruber, wants to help everyone to learn basic economics, and for this purpose he has created a course for years: Introductory AP Microeconomics, which has been released on August 15 on

“Economics principles explain so much of what drives our everyday life: how people decide which goods to buy and how to spend their time; how firms set prices and hire workers, and whether the outcomes of markets are fair and efficient.”(…) “Economics is a way of seeing the world that’s useful, but it’s also beautiful and surprising and cool. I truly believe our world would be better if everyone took this course. And I know that you’ll have a great time if you take it,” says Professor Gruber.

This free, self-paced, 12 week MOOC combines short videos on economics principles with fun applications in order to provide a level of economics knowledge that is sufficient to pass the Advance Placement (AP) College Board exam.