Microsoft Unveiled New AI-Powered Buying Guides Tools for Bing and the Edge Browser

IBL News | New York

Microsoft, this week, announced new AI-powered shopping tools for its new Bing search engine and the Edge sidebar “to make it easier to discover, research, and complete your purchase all in one place.”

Microsoft’s shopping assistant generates a tailored Buying Guide that tells the user what to look for in each category, offers product suggestions, and shows the specifications of multiple, similar items next to each other in a compare table.

“Price Comparison and Price History are built-in browser features that help ensure you’re buying at the right place and time, and Edge helps you automatically apply coupons and cashback when shopping online,” said the company.

“Price Match will be rolling out soon in the US. Price History, Price Comparison, Coupons, Cashback, and Package Tracking are already available in select markets and built-in to Edge.”

Microsoft will get an affiliate fee when the user buys.