McKinsey Selected Startup Cohere to Provide Clients Generative AI Solutions

IBL News | New York

Consultancy giant McKinsey picked up neutral model provider, Cohere as a partner to sell AI-based customer engagement and workflow automation solutions to its enterprise clients.

Cohere competes with OpenAI, Google, and Microsoft, with a focus on generative AI solutions for enterprises.

McKinsey is also considering using Cohere to increase its internal efficiency and power the knowledge management system at the company.

“We are seeing our clients consider cost, IP protection, and consumer privacy, and how the model is trained. We found Cohere to be one of the great solutions out there,” Ben Ellencweig, senior partner at McKinsey, told Reuters.

Last month, Cohere raised $270 million from investors, including Nvidia, Oracle, and Salesforce Ventures, at a $2.2 billion valuation.

It announced a partnership with Oracle, which will embed Cohere’s generative AI technology in its products.

Bain and Company has teamed up with OpenAI, while Deloitte has partnered with Nvidia.