LangChain announced LangSmith, a System for Evaluating and Monitoring LLM Applications

IBL News | New York

LangChain announced LangSmith, a unified platform, now in closed beta, for debugging, testing, evaluating, and monitoring Large Language Model (LLM) – powered applications this week.

“LangSmith is a platform to help developers close the gap between prototype and production; it’s designed for building and iterating on products that can harness the power–and wrangle the complexity–of LLMs,” said the company.“LangChain has been instrumental in helping us prototype intelligent agents at Snowflake,” said Adrien Treuille, Director of Product at Snowflake.

“LangSmith was easy to integrate, and the agnostic open source API made it very flexible to adapt to our implementation,” tacked on Richard Meng, Senior Software Engineer at Snowflake.

Boston Consulting Group also built a highly customized and highly performant series of applications on top of LangChain’s framework by relying on this same infrastructure.