LLMs Models Will Continue to Drive Real-World Breakthroughs, Says ‘State of the AI Report’

IBL News | New York

LLMs models will continue to drive real-world breakthroughs, especially in the life sciences, with meaningful steps forward in both molecular biology and drug discovery.

This is one of the conclusions of The State of AI Report, a classic research study produced by AI investors Nathan Benaich and the Air Street Capital and reviewed by AI practitioners.

Other key findings include:

• GTP-4 is beating every other LLM, validating the power of proprietary architectures and reinforcement learning from human feedback.

• Efforts are growing to try to clone or surpass proprietary performance through smaller models, better datasets, and longer context.

• Compute is the new oil, with NVIDIA printing record earnings and startups wielding their GPUs as a competitive edge. As the US tightens its restrictions on trade restrictions on China and mobilizes its allies in the chip wars, NVIDIA, Intel, and AMD have started to sell export-control-proof chips at scale.

• Generative AI startups raised over $18 billion from VC and corporate investors, while other tech industry valuations are on a slump.

• Safety concerns are prompting action from governments and regulators around the world.

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