Nvidia Announced an AI Agent Powered by GPT-4 That Can Teach Robots Complex Skills

IBL News | New York

NVIDIA Research announced yesterday that it developed an AI agent called Eureka powered by GPT-4 LLM and generative AI. Eureka can teach robots complex skills by writing code that rewards robots for reinforcement learning.

One of the 30 tasks is a robotic hand to perform rapid pen-spinning tricks for the first time as well as a human can.

Eureka has also taught robots to open drawers and cabinets, toss and catch balls, and manipulate scissors, among other tasks.

The Eureka research includes a paper and the project’s AI algorithms, which developers can experiment with.

“Eureka is a first step toward developing new algorithms that integrate generative and reinforcement learning methods to solve hard tasks,”
said Anima Anandkumar, Senior Director of AI Research at NVIDIA and an author of the Eureka paper.

The results from nine Isaac Gym GPU-accelerated simulation environments are showcased in visualizations generated using NVIDIA Omniverse.

“It’s breakthrough work bound to get developers’ minds spinning with possibilities, adding to recent NVIDIA Research advancements like Voyager, an AI agent built with GPT-4 that can autonomously play Minecraft.

NVIDIA Research comprises hundreds of scientists and engineers worldwide, with teams focused on topics including AI, computer graphics, computer vision, self-driving cars, and robotics.