Learning Soft Skills Is Critical to Be Hired, Says a Majority of Employers

IBL News | New York

An overwhelming majority of employers, 93%, say that “soft skills play a critical role in their decision about whom they want to hire.” This statement was made by Ian Siegel, CEO at ZipRecruiter, in the company’s recent report, The Job Market Outlook for Grads.

“Those soft skills include things like showing up on time, willingness to learn, enthusiasm, and a can-do attitude,” he added.

These are the soft skills employers have looked for most frequently in jobs posted on ZipRecruiter in the past 12 months:

Soft Skill Number Of Jobs On ZipRecruiter Listing The Skill As A Requirement11 (As Of May 1, 2022, Rounded To The Nearest 100k)
Communication skills 6.1M
Customer service 5.5M
Scheduling 5M
Time management skills 3.6M
Project management 2.8M
Analytical thinking 2.7M
Compliance 2M
Ability to work independently 2M
Interpersonal skills 1.3M
Flexibility 1.3M
Problem-solving skills 1.2M
Attention to detail 1M
Collaboration 900k
Innovation 900k
Mentoring 900K
English 800k
Multi-tasking 700k
Accuracy 600k
Proactive 300K


According to ZipRecruiter, in any hiring process, technical skills are typically the main criteria, while soft skills can be important dealbreakers. Difficult software engineering software-related skills are the most sought-after skills.

The top technical skills are:

Technical Skill Number Of Jobs On ZipRecruiter Listing The Skill As A Requirement12 (As Of May 1, 2022, Rounded To The Nearest 100k)
Customer relationship management (CRM) 5.6M
Management skills 5.5M
Sales experience 2.2M
Recruiting 1.9M
Software development 1.3M
Software engineering 1.1M
Computer science 800K
Basic life support 600K
Budget management 600K
Advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) 400K
SQL 300K
Python 300K
Amazon web services (AWS) 200K
Forecasting 200K
Azure 200K
Lead generation 200K
Electricity 50K
Virtualization 40K
Continual improvement process 30K