Juilliard Releases Six Free Open Courses For Musicians and Music Lovers

The Juilliard School has just joined the edX consortium, and, as a result, launched on Sept. 26 six new, free MOOCs intended for musicians and music lovers.

  • Discovering the Instruments of the Orchestra, with Dr. L. Michael Griffel. Learn to listen more deeply to classical music by discovering the four families of instruments: strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion.This course helps students learn to hear and appreciate the nuances of each instrument in the orchestra, enabling them to listen more deeply to classical music.Dr. Griffel, chair of Juilliard’s Music History Department, and eight Juilliard faculty and alumni take students on a journey into the orchestra and introduces the history of its principal instruments.
  • Perform at Your Best: Foundations of Performance Psychology, with Dr. Noa Kageyama: Learn performance psychology fundamentals to help you overcome anxiety and perform at your best under pressure.Dr. Kageyama’s performance psychology classes are a favorite among Juilliard music students.This course combines applied exercises, insights gleaned from interviews with renowned performers, and research in performance psychology and motor learning.
  • Piano Preludes: Bach, Chopin, and Debussy, with Dr. Michael Shinn. Improve your piano skills by learning to play three famous preludes from Bach, Chopin, and Debussy.The course features instructional lessons, downloadable scores and performances by Juilliard students, and covers piano preludes from the Baroque, Romantic, and Impressionist eras composed by Bach, Chopin, and Debussy.
  • How to Listen to Great Music for Orchestra, with Dr. L. Michael Griffel. Learn how to listen to five important orchestral works that span styles and genres and are composed by Handel, Mozart, Beethoven, R. Strauss, and Bartók.Students who sign up for the Verified Certificate gain exclusive access to full HD performances and artists interviews featuring the Berliner Philharmoniker, as well as listening guides for each of the five works.
  • Music Theory 101, with Dr. Steven Laitz. Learn the fundamentals of music theory in an engaging and straightforward approach, and develop the music theory knowledge you need to become better players, superior listeners, and feel more confident writing for any musical genre.
  • Sharpen Your Piano Artistry, with Dr. Michael Shinn. Improve your technique and overall piano playing by learning to play two classical pieces from a curated list of 19 advanced beginner and intermediate level pieces by Beethoven, Mozart, Clementi, and others.Students have access to downloadable scores, performances by Juilliard students and alumni, instructional videos, warm-up guides, and expert insights from a variety of Juilliard faculty.