Spain's 2017 Open edX Meetup Will Take Place This Thursday, October 5

The third Open edX Meetup in Spain – the 2017 edition – will take place this Thursday, October 5 in Madrid. The event, scheduled at 7pm, is free and open to anyone interested in education technology and pedagogy. There is a limit of attendance to 120 people.

The two speakers will be Michael Amigot, Founder at IBL Studios & IBL Open edX in New York, and Javier Calvo, CEO at Campus FP, a leading vocational training organization in Spain and a recent Open edX adopter.

Local leaders in education at the university, industry and government level will attend the event with the goal of sharing knowledge and networking with attendants.

Talks, in Spanish, will be recorded and live streamed. A Spanish wine will be served at the end of the event.

All of the details are featured in the official page of this meetup.

Spain’s Open edX community has attracted so far 350 members. The main Open edX projects in Spain have been presented in these meetups.

UPDATE: Here is the video stream of the event