"Self-Driving" Signature Course at Udacity Attracts 10K Students

Udacity.com has attracted 53,000 students to its Nanodegree program, with 18,000 graduates, doubling this way their revenues and multiplying by four the number of enrollments, according to Class Central.

The Self-Driving Nanodegree has enrolled 10,000 students and received 43,000 applications. The first cohort has not yet graduated, but 60 students have already found jobs at companies like BMW, Lockheed Martin, NIO, Volvo, and Amazon Robotics.

As Sebastian Thrun says, “this program has already educated more self-driving car engineers than all universities combined.”

Udacity, one of the three top learning platforms along with Coursera and edX, has nine million learners enrolled across its free and paid courses.