The IMS Global Consortium Certifies the Open edX’s Lilac Platform

IBL News | New York

The last version of Open edX called “Lilac” has been formally certified as an LTI Advantage platform by the IMS Global Learning Consortium.

Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) is a standard to connect extensions to educational platforms.

The Consortium announced last month that “Open edX Platform Lilac has completed conformance testing for the IMS Standards.”

The edX organization became a contributing member of IMS in 2020, after years of disagreement.

The Open edX platform has long supported LTI as an extension mechanism to enable a wide range of learning experiences.

The “Lilac” version uses the LTI consumer XBlock.

Ned Batchelder, Open edX Architect, stated that “as an open-source platform, we believe strongly in supporting standards like LTI that enable instructional teams to choose the best tools for their needs.”

The Open edX platform and code will remain under the ownership of MIT and Harvard through a new non-profit organization that will receive $800 million from 2U Inc.

[Disclosure: IBL Education, the parent company of the IBL News service, uses Open edX software on its platform, and provides custom ecosystems]

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